Salisbury to Bemerton Walk

About 2¼ miles of easy walking

We are told that George Herbert habitually walked from Bemerton to Salisbury and back twice a week to attend services at Salisbury Cathedral and to make music with the Cathedral musicians. Although we cannot know the exact route Hebert took, this walk represents his journey.

Walk Map

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Walk Narrative

The walk is about 2¼ miles and starts at the West front of Salisbury Cathedral. The route lies through the High Street Gate, over Crane Bridge and through Elizabeth Gardens to the Town Path which crosses the water meadows and leads to The Old Mill at Harnham. From there the walk passes along the northern edge of West Harnham to the Lower Path, which leads through wooded country to the Broken Bridges and emerges in Lower Bemerton. The walk ends at St. Andrew's Church at the westerly edge of the village, at the junction of Lower Road and Church Lane.

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While St. Andrew's Church and the Old Rectory are the sites in Bemerton most closely associated with George Herbert, there are other buildings in the local area with strong connections.